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People are probably familiar with detection sniffers trained to sniff out drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and LSD. You must have seen detection dogs in airports while the police officers are checking the bags of passengers or in a movie scene. Since they have incredible smelling senses, they are suitable in so many fields as detecting explosives, illegal drugs, blood, and even contraband goods. There is a %40 percent difference between the brain space of humans and dogs devoted to the sense of smell, so you can not even imagine how good the sniffing senses of a dog are.

What about Kratom? Can dogs smell it? Kratom is a tropical plant that could be consumed through chewing, smoking, putting into capsules, or boiling into a tea to be used as a painkiller or to treat panic attacks and depression as it makes people feel more energetic. While the taste of this plant is excessively dense and bitter, its scent is very soft and mild. Even though its odor is mild for humans and leaf-like, they are capable of smelling things that people could barely sniff.   

What is Kratom?

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Kratom is a green tropical plant from the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. Since the 19th century, it has been used in such forms and for such purposes in medicine. It is legal in many states but, in some, banned. People prefer to consume it via capsules as the powder form is quite a disgusting way to have it due to its bitter and horrible taste. They act as a mild stimulant, an invigorating energy boost, but only in low doses. In higher doses, it causes a narcotic-like effect. Experts believe this plant has a similar effect to opium in your brain, but they haven’t completely proved it.

The Scent of the Kratom

Many users of this plant think that the aroma of this plant is like the smell of green tea. They thought it had an earthy scent, but it mainly depended on the quality and freshness of the plant. However, we know that it has no such fragrance that comes through for humans. But if we consider that the dogs have nearly 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, they could easily sniff it. Consuming this plant also makes you smell like it so that they can sniff the smell of kratom on you. 

The Smelling Senses of Dogs

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While human beings mostly perceive the world with their eyes, dogs, on the contrary, interpret the world by the odors they sniff. Their brain power is devoted chiefly to perceiving smells, and they do not just sniff concrete things but also some scents of human emotional states such as adrenaline, fear, etc. They took part in several fields for a long while due to their great smelling senses. The answer is, “How many kilometers does a dog sniff?” It is approximately 2.5 km. Dogs have a great sense of smell and can detect small amounts of odor in the air, water, or far below the ground.

Can Dogs Recognize the Kratom Scent?

How dogs understand what they perceive with their sense of smell is largely unknown. In a study published in the Journal of Comparative Psychology, scientists from the Department of General Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History and Psychology Institute at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena investigated this question. They found evidence that sniffers create a “mental representation” of the target following a scent trail. In other words, they expect what they will find at the end of their trail. However, a dog may create a mental representation when it first sniffs kratom, which will help it follow its odor.

How Are Dogs Trained to Sniff Scents?

The place of dogs in human life is significant and provides many benefits to humans. The benefits of narcotic-trained dogs are just one of them, and when evaluated worldwide, it is indisputable how narcotic-trained ones fight against drug traffickers. These smart ones successfully find drugs that can be measured in tons. Training narcotic breeds is not difficult as they learn to detect the smell through playing. Their constant exposure to the game during training and the fact that the training is carried out with it facilitates the training. 


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Considering all accounts and proven details, every dog ​​uses his nose, but the important thing is to look for the desired scent. The main element here is the toy. It is also significant to have high self-esteem in the sniffer. Therefore, he must be self-confident. After the dog starts playing with toys, he is asked to find that toy in all searches. The sniffer doesn’t know that there are drugs here. He’s just looking for his toy. However, there is no specific thing that they can not sense as they can sniff everything that has a specific scent. So the answer to this article is “yes, they can,” as they could easily detect the things they smell with good training

Besides, the mild scent of the kratom is not a factor in the dogs’ inability to sense it. We can put another perspective for you to show how good they sniff through an experiment carried out at the California Pine Street Research Center. Five sniffers were given special training and could detect breast cancer by the nose. It was observed that the rate of detecting cancer in the trained breeds was 90%. This great success is also because they can sniff hormones and pheromones. It would be odd to doubt whether they can sniff something or not if we consider their amazing sense of smell. 



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